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About Irish Dexter Cattle

Irish Dexter cattle are a small hardy breed of cow that originated in Ireland and were first introduced into this country sometime between 1905 and 1915. They do well in either hot or cold climates, calve with ease and are raised for both their lean meat and milk. Dexter cows are usually very docile, easy to handle and eat half what the average cow eats and make the perfect family cow. Bulls are between 38" - 44" at the shoulder and weight less than 1000 lbs. Cows measure between 36" - 42" at the shoulders and weight less than 750 lbs. They come in solid Black, Dun or red. A cow can easily raise a calf and provide milk for the family at the same time. Daily yield is between 1-3 gallons a day. In 2007 there were only 6,000 here in the United States; in 2010 they numbered over 14,000 due to the increase in their popularity for the small homestead cow.

Double D's Finale - our herd bull

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